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Murder Suspects

Felicia Scarlett is a college graduate and fabulous fashion designer. She’s a confident, refined young woman with great attention-to-detail. Felicia is proud of her accomplishments. However, there is one particular shame she has been forced to bear. During her time in college, her classmate, Clyde convinced her to skip studying for the night before her final exam in a class they shared and go to a party with him. He insisted that Felicia needed to take a break and would surely pass the final and so she went. The two had a really fun time, but perhaps a little too much fun. The next morning, Felicia awoke in shock that she missed her final exam entirely, thus receiving a failing grade and had to take another semester of schooling before finally graduating. Could such an elegant young lady be the type that would stitch together a scheme to do Clyde in?

Felicia Scarlett


Luna Peacock is live! A well-known food influencer with an exquisitely discerning palette that could make or break any restaurant and she’s eager to see if Corvi’s on the Hill lives up to the hype. She and Clyde became good friends while taking a culinary course while working towards her associates degree. As a peachick, while she was really finding herself, one thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to be a chef. Unable to secure the loans she would need to go to Remington University, one of the top culinary schools in the country, Luna’s only hope was earning a scholarship. As part of the selection process, she had to put together an extravagant dish to win over the admissions committee. With Clyde as her sous chef, they put together a beautiful dish, certain that she would be chosen. The committee tasted her dish and… she was rejected. It was only then that Clyde revealed that he had tampered with her perfect recipe, thinking he was making it better to increase her chances, but ruined it. And with that, Ms. Luna never made it to Remington. However, she managed to channel her love of culinary art into an influencer channel that’s grown quite popular. Could there be a lingering scent of resentment towards Clyde for crushing her dream, enough to make a killer entré?

Luna Peacock


Give a heartfelt salute to Robert Mustard, a retired veteran who went overseas to protect his country and his family. He’s particularly close with his only child and apple of his eye, Honey. In Rob’s eyes, Honey is simply perfect. Although a certain Clydesdale may not agree. In her final exam, Honey received a failing grade on her final exam and once the ol’ wardog heard of this, it made his blood boil.Clyde dishonored his beloved daughter! Now he seemed dead set on issuing Clyde a dishonorable discharge of his own. Has this seasoned veteran really condemned him to death?

Robert Mustard


Meet your instructor, Russel Plum! He may be nervous and quirky, but he loves what he does. Pop quiz! What does he do? Well, he’s a college professor responsible for molding the young minds with an interest in his field. Not to mention he’s quite the connoisseur of Emilio Corvi’s on the Hill. His former student, now alumni, Clyde has been his Teaching Assistant for this past semester and it’s gone great! Clyde has been dependable, been able to keep things running smoothly, and at one point, filled in as a substitute while the Prof. was out sick. Clyde has become really popular with Russel’s students, maybe a little too popular. Now that Clyde is about to become a full-time teacher and how well he handled the class on his own, Russel seems particularly nervous about what that will mean for him. Is he about to be replaced? Did he off Clyde to keep his place at the classroom podium?

Russel Plum


Bianca White is the new Head Chef of the very popular local Emillio Corvi’s on the Hill. Once a new waitress, she rose through the ranks to become a well-established culinary expert. It wasn’t an easy journey though. One particular memory really stuck with her, her first trial as a chef. Mr. Corvi decided to give her a chance as the lead of an evening dinner rush and it could not have been worse. More than half of the staff called in sick, the restaurant packed. Top that will all the pressure of leading for the first time and it’s a recipe for disaster. Bianca did the best she could, but found she could take no more. One more customer-complaint pushed her over the edge and she lashed out, yelling at them. And who was the unlucky recipient? Clyde Clydesdale. You can bet the manager heard about this. Bianca was lucky not to get fired, but not so lucky for her dream to slip away. She only just recently convinced Mr. Corvi to give her another chance this evening, so she can’t mess it up. Did Clyde leave such a bad taste in her mouth that she would resort to murder to keep him from doing it again?

Bianca White


Meet Ms. Green! Oh! Scratch that. Meet Kimiko Inari, owner and operator of Vixin Wares General Shop! It seems that Professor Plum’s colleague couldn’t make it and so he passed on his invitation to one of his own star-alumni. Kimiko is a skilled designer and shopkeeper who offers a wide variety of exceptional products. However, there may have been one potential patreon she wasn’t able to please, Clyde Clyadesdale. He had the nerve to call her designs and merchandise ugly, which may have led to a broken heart. Given how far she has come since, this would be the great opportunity to prove him wrong. Plus, she’s a big fan of Ms. Peacock’s Hicdok channel. Meeting with her would be an excellent opportunity to market her new kitchen-themed products. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Or rather, would she prefer to kill a horse instead?

Kimiko Inari

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