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“Use common sense, and be courteous to others.”

Gateway Furmeet is responsible to the hotel, the venues, and the public for the behavior of its attendees. Any action or behavior that may cause interference or discomfort to other attendees and/or guests may result in the individual having their membership suspended either for the duration of the event or permanently with no refund, at the discretion of convention team. This Code of Conduct applies for the duration of the convention, whether the convention has officially begun or ended. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable convention for our attendees, and all other guests, each attending member of Gateway FurMeet agrees to abide by the Gateway FurMeet Code of Conduct as a condition of attendance and receiving a badge. Our primary purpose is for our attendees to have fun in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

This Code of Conduct may be revised at any time and the terms are non-negotiable. Your registration for or attendance at any GFM event, whether it’s held in person or virtually, indicates your agreement to abide by this policy and its terms.

General Rating

Open areas of the convention and all public spaces are considered PG rating up until 9:00pm. Between the hours of 9:00 pm and 4:00 am, attire must maintain a PG13 rating. Programming during the day will be open for all attendees of Gateway FurMeet, however please be advised that some events may contain strong language, and/or adult oriented content. During the evening hours, some events will be restricted to mature audiences only and will be marked as "After Dark (18+)".

Minors under the age of 18 will not be admitted without a parent or guardian. Convention security may check badges at any given time and if a minor without a parent or guardian is found they will be escorted from the event, and may have their badge revoked.

Lewd public displays of affection, or openly displaying adult or X-
rated artwork is not allowed.

Attendees should not wear clothing that is overly revealing or inappropriate in public areas. Shirts, pants or shorts, and footwear must be worn at all times in public areas. Full-body fursuits are excluded, as long as the costume is not unacceptably revealing.

Collars are acceptable,as are harnesses. Leashes are not permitted except as part of a costume. Between the hours of 9:00 pm and 4:00 am, attire must maintain a PG13 rating.

The following is permitted only between the hours of 9:00 pm and 4:00 am.

  • Latex/PVC/Neoprene form fitting bodysuits

  • Leather/Rubber pants, shirts

  • Chainmail/Fishnet over a shirt

No attire which allows for the features of a person’s genitalia to be viewed is allowed.

Public Areas

Fursuits are not permitted in the restaurants at any time, and the bar may not allow suits.

Throwing any items from any balconies or over railings in the hotel is not permitted under any circumstances. Additionally, the flying of remote controlled aircraft of any kind inside the hotel is prohibited and is grounds for removal from the hotel.

Sleeping in the public spaces of the hotel is not permitted.

There is no smoking in any area within the hotel, including the guest rooms. Smokers are asked to use designated smoking areas and to comply with any other smoking rules imposed by the hotel. Cigarette butts must be disposed of properly and not thrown, or left on the ground. It is not only rude, but flaws the relationship between Gateway Furmeet and the hotel. Vaping and e-cigarettes are treated exactly the same as smoking tobacco. Vaping is subject to the same restrictions stated above.


Your convention badge is your ID for the duration of the convention. Badges are only valid for the person to whom they are issued. Badges may not be shared, altered, or reproduced under any circumstances. Any individual sharing their badge, using another attendee’s badge, or using a badge that has been altered or reproduced may have their badge revoked and membership terminated, with no refund at the discretion of the convention team.

If you find a lost badge, please return it to Con Ops or to a member of the Gateway Furmeet team to be claimed. If you lose your badge, please contact a Gateway Furmeet team member immediately.

Gateway Furmeet functions are open only to attendees, and all attendees should wear their official convention badges at all times when outside of their rooms. Attendees will not be permitted to enter panels or other convention events without their official badge.


Anyone who is under the age of 18 years at any time during the convention must present a signed and notarized parental permission form, unless accompanied by a parent or able to produce evidence of legal emancipation. There are no exceptions.

Minors are not permitted under any circumstances to enter areas or events that have been designated for mature audiences.

Minors 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times, if a minor is unaccompanied the child will be escorted from the event to the hotel staff. Membership will be revoked if it is a repeat offense. 

Minors between the age of 13 and 16 must have a parent or legal guardian on the convention premises in order to attend the convention. Minors 17 years of age may have a parent or legal guardian on convention premises. 


Minors 17 years of age may attend alone, but must provide a notarized parental permission form at registration and badge pickup. 

Anyone providing false documentation of identity or age will be denied membership and reported to local law enforcement and hotel staff.


Realistic or fully functional firearms are not permitted in the hotel at any time, concealed or carried openly, regardless of any government permits which you may possess. If the weapon can fire any projectile or cause annoyance to others, it is not allowed.

Edged weapons may be worn if they have blunt edges, but are to be covered by a sheath that covers points. The weapon must also be appropriately peace-bonded so it is secured from removal. If you have any questions on how to peace-bond you can ask our head of security. Pocket knives with a single edged blade less than 4 inches in length are exempt. Brandishing any weapon for any reason or making threats is not allowed and will result in a warning from security and the confiscation of the weapon for the duration of the convention. Repeated warnings will result in revocation and suspension of membership.


Gateway Furmeet and the Hotel do not allow pets. This is not only for the protection of the pet, but the pet owner, and our attendees as a whole. Service animals are permitted in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Exceptions will be made for the convention’s designated charity organization(s).


Gatherings in hotel rooms must not generate noise levels that can be heard by neighboring rooms or guests during nighttime hours. Hotel doors should be kept shut during such gatherings, and guests are not permitted to congregate in the hotel corridors. Loud parties that disturb other guests will be given one warning to be quiet. No second warnings will be given before action is taken by the hotel to remove the offending individuals.

Hotel guests that do host any gatherings are responsible for cleaning up afterward. Excessive amounts of trash laying around for housekeeping to clean up may result in a denial of membership for future events. The person in whose name a room is rented is solely responsible for the conduct of all individuals in the room as well as for the condition of the room. Damage to hotel property, excessive trash, soiling, or any circumstance that may present a hazard to hotel housekeeping may result in permanent loss of Gateway FurMeet attendee-ship privileges.


Do not affix anything to the walls of the hotel or Convention Center, to the elevators, to Gateway Furmeet’s signage, or to hotel room doors. Gateway Furmeet provides a message board in a public area where attendees may post messages or place announcements. Any act of vandalism, deliberate or excessive damage to hotel property, or interference with any hotel worker in the performance of his or her duties will result in permanent revocation of attendee-ship, criminal prosecution, fines, or any/all combined thereof.


Gateway Furmeet is dedicated to providing a harassment-free event for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity, and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or personal beliefs. We do not tolerate harassment of convention attendees, volunteers, team members, or guests.

Harassment of any kind, including deliberate intimidation, making threats, stalking, physical assault, battery, or unwelcome physical attentions will not be tolerated. No means no – if you are asked by another individual to leave them alone, your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with those people, you may be removed from the premises.

Gateway Furmeet is not responsible for solving any interpersonal problems that may arise between individuals prior to the convention. We cannot preemptively bar a person from attending solely because another attendee does not want the person to be there. In general, we can take no action to prevent a person from attending the convention unless that person has made a credible and specific threat toward the convention itself or if another individual can produce a legal restraining order.


The offering for sale of any merchandise at the convention may be undertaken only in the Dealer’s Room or Artists Alley. It is forbidden to sell any other merchandise or services in any other areas. Exemptions may be made for charity events where money is passed and/or donated.

Controlled Substances

Gateway Furmeet has a zero-tolerance policy for any and all illegal substances. Any convention member found to be selling, distributing, or using any controlled substance will have their membership immediately revoked, and will be reported to hotel staff and local law enforcement.

Gateway Furmeet is a dry convention. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in convention areas. Convention attendees observed to be visibly or overly intoxicated in public areas may be asked to return to their room.

Anyone knowingly or unknowingly providing alcohol to minors (anyone under the age of 21) will be guilty of a felony and will be reported to hotel staff and local law enforcement and will have their convention membership revoked with no refund. It is the sole responsibility of the person(s) serving alcohol in room parties to ensure that every person in attendance is over the age of 21, even if that person is not drinking alcohol.

Media, Photography, and Filming

Photography, filming, or taping for the purpose of sale, publication, public media, or dissemination is expressly prohibited without written authorization from Gateway Furmeet. All pictures, film, and tape shall be for personal use only.

All journalists, media photographers, and any other attendees of the press are required to display an official Gateway Furmeet Press Badge and be accompanied by a member of Gateway Furmeet staff at all times while in the convention areas or any hotel that is part of Gateway FurMeet. Attendees of the press who have not been issued a Press Badge may not conduct interviews or take photographs, audio, or video footage without an escort and may be subject to removal from hotel property. Media representatives who do not have Press Badges and are not escorted by Gateway Furmeet staff attendees should be reported to Convention Security staff or to Convention Operations immediately.

Photography and video filming by convention attendees for personal use is generally allowed in all common areas of Gateway Furmeet. Show courtesy when photographing or filming individuals or costumes and ask permission first. If an individual does not wish to be photographed or filmed, please respect their wishes.


Our convention security volunteers enforce our Code of Conduct in a strict manner, and will be clearly identified as such on site. Please remember that your badge is the property of Gateway Furry Fandom, and must be presented and/or surrendered to any team member requesting it. If you have any problems or issues with an action taken by a team member, you may take the matter up with the Head of Security, or the Chairman of Gateway Furmeet. Remember that Behavior that threatens the well-being of our attendees or other hotel guests will not be tolerated.

Payments and Revocation

Gateway Furmeet prides itself in accepting and welcoming anthropomorphic fans from all walks of life, but we also acknowledge we have a responsibility to help ensure the safety of all attendees and guests. Therefore, any member who is deemed by the Chairman of Gateway Furmeet to have seriously violated any of the Code of Conduct may have their membership suspended/revoked without refund. In addition, the convention’s directors reserve the right to deny or revoke the membership of any individual at any time for any reason.

If a member is banned or prohibited by the hotel management from its premises for any reason, Gateway FurMeet has no choice but to revoke current membership and deny future membership for the duration of the hotel ban.
Disclaimer: Neither Gateway Furry Fandom nor Gateway Furmeet will be responsible for any Lost, Stolen, or Damaged items and or property belonging to any members attending the convention.

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