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Izabela Feret is a Polish traditional artist that began her business, FeretStudios, and her illustration career in 2013. Since then she has worked with many individual commissioners and at multiple conventions. She specializes in traditional inkwork and pattern work; with excellent attention to detail and designs. Most recently she has also picked up digital coloring and color theory, using it as a mixed media with all her traditional works. Aside from the artistic side of things, she devotes her energy to video games, storytelling, comics, and being a good bird mom. She has been in the fandom since she started making art and has loved every second of this welcoming and kind community. Being able to express herself through the furry community, meeting people from all walks of life, and creating friendships has been absolutely amazing to her. She can’t wait to meet everyone at GFM and share some extraordinary FeretStudios fun!

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