Covid-19 Policy

Updated September 8, 2022

This page will be updated regularly with information on our onsite health and safety protocols for this event. Our attendees’ health and safety remain our top priority as we continue to monitor COVID-19 and look to venue, local, state, CDC, and WHO guidelines to make the best and most informed decisions around onsite safety and requirements.



By attending Gateway FurMeet 2023, our attendees understand that there is still a risk of pathogen spread.  Although our event and venues will do everything in our power to help decrease the possibility of contagions, attendees will indemnify the event and venues and cannot hold them accountable for possible illness.

  • Proof of a negative PCR test or other lab test administered on or after Friday, March 3rd, 2023,

  • Proof of Vaccination (Minimum Two Shots or One if Johnson & Johnson)


This requirement is for both adults and children above 5 years of age.


Booster shots are not required to be considered to be fully vaccinated per CDC guidelines, but we heavily recommend getting one.


Acceptable Proof of Vaccination:

  • CDC Card

  • Clear photocopy of CDC Card

  • Clear photo or scan (digital or physical) of CDC Card

  • Digital Vaccination Record provided from a state, government or reputable business, medical practice, or pharmacy

Proof of Vaccination must show the following:

  • Attendee’s legal name and DOB matching a state-issued photo ID

  • Vaccine information, such as brand, location of where administered and date administered



Proper face coverings are required in order to be inside the venues, regardless of vaccination status.  If this changes, we will update that here.  Proper face coverings and their practices must meet the following criteria:

  • A face mask or covering that prevents the attendee from spreading droplets that could contain pathogens.  These include disposable and reusable face masks as advised by the CDC.

  • The face mask or covering must stay placed over the nose and mouth while indoors.  If you wish to remove it for any reason, we ask that you step outside please.

  • The following items do not qualify as a proper face mask or covering for our event due to potentially not offering proper protection to other attendees when worn by a possible spreader:

    • A bandana, scarf, or other cloth-made neck and head-wear worn around the mouth and nose

    • A mask with an exhalation valve

    • Masks made of beads, aka Kandi style masks

    • Wearing only a face-shield made of plastic, be it full-face or over only the mouth, without an approved face mask.  These do not prevent droplet spread the same way approved face masks can


Masking is also enforced for fursuiters.


Please be aware that because of the airborne transmissible danger of the Omicron variant, the CDC recommends the use of a KN95 or better respirator mask. Cloth masks are still acceptable to be worn. See more details at If you forget a mask, we can provide one to you at Con Ops or at Registration.



Can we use an “at home” test?
  No, a laboratory test is required for entry.

Will we need the actual card proving vaccine or would a picture be sufficient?
  A picture is sufficient as long as it appears unaltered and the name on the card matches a legal ID.


I only have one Moderna or Pfizer shot, do I need to take a lab test for entry?
  Yes, we are only allowing those that are Fully Vaccinated to bypass our negative lab test requirement. Per CDC guidelines:

In general, people are considered fully vaccinated:

  • 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or

  • 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.


Is the mask requirement separate from the vaccine requirement? Are vaccinated folks required to use the masks?
  Our mask requirement is for everyone, vaccinated or not.


Would it be viable for me to have a test done a day sooner than March 4th?
  No proof of tests will be accepted that are time stamped on or before March 2rd, 2023.


What about minors/children?
  As per CDC guidelines, masking is required at age 2 and vaccine required at age 5. No test will be required for   anyone under 5 years of age.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and contact us at