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Dances and DJs

Come dance the night away with your friends, our talented DJ’s will be spinning for you nightly from Friday to Sunday. Show your spirit and shake those tails all night long as music permeates the air!

Gateway FurMeet is looking for talented DJ’s of the furry persuasion to take the stage. If you are interested in becoming one of GFM’s DJ’s, and to strut your stuff, show off your skills then please fill out our submission form below.


Before you submit a demo, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Gateway Furmeet will not pay you to play. This is a volunteer gig; Travel, hotel, and hospitality expenses are not compensated by the convention.

  • Any membership upgrades are your responsibility. Additional badges for your entourage, crew, significant other, family members, etc., are also your responsibility.

  • No pre-rendered mixes!  We do it LIVE!

  • Keep foul language to a minimum, this is not an 18+ event.

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