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Charity Auction

Donating Items

We accept a number of different items into our auction such as Original artwork, sculptures, costume parts and accessories just to name a few. We encourage fandom based items, anything that is sci-fi, and fantasy. Items like posters, rare comics or magazines, and some videos are accepted. All items should be rated G – PG 13, no adult items are allowed in the charity auction. Please consult the auction team if you are unsure of the suitability or rating of your item.

Items for donation should be brought to the charity table in the Dealers’ Den, or to the convention operations area during the day. When you drop off your item, take a card and fill out the information with the name and description of the item, your name, a suggested starting bid, and your contact information if you wish for the item to be returned to you if it does not sell. If you will not be attending the convention, contact Charity at and we will arrange for you to ship items for auction to us prior to the convention. The donor is responsible for all shipping costs.

If you are donating a service, you must contact the auction team to approve your donation prior to the auction. Donors of a service must be 18 years or older and have a legal, definable service to offer. Examples include art commissions, costume commissions, or any other “custom – made” service to be provided at a later date. Please supply some kind of certificate stating what the service is to be auctioned and redeemed by the buyer, how they should contact you, and the approximate time frame for the services to be performed. If you are donating a regulated professional service (For example, a tattoo artist or masseuse) you must provide proof of professional license to auction team before the service may be auctioned.

Bidding on Auction Items

The charity auction will be a traditional voice auction. No advance bidder registration is required, and you will bid with your convention badge number. Bids on items will usually start at a suggested price offered by the donor, but may be modified at the auctioneer's discretion to a price significant enough to stimulate bidding. Bids will increase by a minimum of $1 per bid. To bid, raise your hand and shout the total amount you are willing to pay for the item. If you have a disability that prevents you from participating, contact the auction team and we will assist you in bidding on items.

If you wish to inspect a piece more closely, call loudly for a “runner” and someone will bring the item to you. Please remain in your seat, and only request to inspect the piece if you are seriously intending to bid on it, to keep the auction moving as efficiently as possible.  Please be reasonably silent if not bidding, and respect other's' requests for quiet. This includes silencing cell phones during the auction.

Only one round of final calls will be performed (i.e. going once, going twice...). Decide quickly so the auction may progress. When the auction closes, the auctioneer will ask for your badge number. State it loudly and clearly so that it can be recorded to speed checkout at the end of the auction.

Paying for and Collecting your Items

You may pay for and collect your items at any time during the auction, or immediately after the auction ends. Right now we ask that buyers pay with cash. A charity representative will take the payment, no money will be handled by Gateway FurMeet or Gateway Furry Fandom. A receipt will be provided upon request. After payment is received, the item will be released to the buyer. All items must be paid for immediately after the end of the auction. No late payments will be accepted. Items left unclaimed or unpaid will be returned to the donor if contact information is available, otherwise they will be considered donations to the charity organization for their representatives to do with as they see fit.


Gateway Furmeet and Gateway Furry Fandom make no guarantees of any item's condition and no warranty is provided. All transactions are final. The auction team reserves the right to remove or deny any auction item at any time for any reason.

If you have any questions, please contact our Charity at


Gateway FurMeet reserves the right to change, amend, or modify these rules at any time without prior notice.

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