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Dance Competition

Do you think you have what it takes to compete in GFM’s Dance Competition? First time dancing or well-seasoned pro, all are welcome to enjoy this high energy event! Don’t feel like dancing? Have a seat by the stage and enjoy all the talent on display!

There is no non-fursuit category for the dance this year, as we do not have enough submissions for a competition.

On a sidenote, keep in mind that signups will not be taken at the con, so be sure to submit your form beforehand.



  • No On-Site registrations will be taken! If you’re not entirely sure you wish to compete, sign up anyway and if you don’t show for the event, it will be marked as a drop.

  • Solo signups only please! While we may consider having duo events in the future, please limit just yourself for the competition.

  • Each performance will be graded by a team of judges. After your performance, they will offer their opinions on how your choreography went. Each contestant will have their scores weighed in and tallied up. A unique trophy will be given out to the top performers in each category.

  • A fursuit consists of a head, handpaws, and feet at a minimum.

  • All submissions will be taken in until 11:59pm CST on March 1, 2024.

  • Please submit files in as high a quality as possible, minimum 192Kbit .MP3 format.

  • All competitors are required to wear appropriate clothing and costumes, free from profanity or inappropriate accessories.

  • Please ensure that the music you will be using is safe-for-work. The audience will consist of people from different age groups! (All song submissions will be screened ahead of time) Anything violating this will have the owner being contacted via email and possibly sending in a new song.

  • Song selections will be no longer than 2 minutes. Anything over this length may be cut short.

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