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Are you interested in making a difference with our convention? Conventions take a lot of nurturing and a strong commitment from their volunteers, leads, directors, and the chair to ensure that they can run as smoothly as possible so that they are able to return for many years to come. Gateway Furmeet is ran entirely by volunteers. No one from our chairman, security, down to our leads gets paid for what they do.


Would you like to help us out by volunteering? It’s easy, can be fun, and there are some great benefits for helping out. You can tell us what you would be interested in as far as helping out, or just sign up to fill any availability, or to fill in where help is needed. We are always looking for help with:

  • Door duty – For the safety and comfort of our attendees, the hotel’s convention only spaces are for use only for Gateway Furmeet’s registered guests. All you need to do is make sure people are displaying their convention badges while they’re in our convention areas.

  • Logistics – Do you have a good strong back and willingness to help us get our stuff to the hotel, set up, and then packed up when the convention is over? We can always use help to make sure the site is set up and taken down flawlessly, and as quickly as possible.

  • Lead Assistant - Would you like to learn how a specific area is run, and help the team lead of that area run it more smoothly? An assistant helps the lead in their daily tasks to not only make sure everything is running smoothly, but to make sure attendees are having a safe and fun experience.


What’s in it for you?

Not only will you have the thanks from everyone else involved with the convention as well as the knowledge that you helped GFM be the best convention it can be, but there are other benefits as well. For ten hours of logged service you’ll get a free roll over basic membership to next year’s GFM, and a nifty ribbon that shows you were a part of our convention.

So won’t you help us? There are a couple of ways to sign up. You can use the form below to let us know your availability and desired position. You can also sign up at the door, we will have volunteer log sheets and documentation available at the con ops area. We’ll also have a sign up stating we need volunteers if we run into the issue of not having enough at a specific time during the convention.

If you have any questions, or need information, you can email us at support@

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