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Gateway furmeet 2023 Charity Burlesque Show

A few short things to read before filling out the form. By filling out this form you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set in this form.


You must be 18 years or older to participate in this event.

Burlesque shows are typically considered “Adult” events. No minors will be permitted to perform or attend.

Dancers will not be paid for their performance.

All tips donated to dancers will be collected to donate to charity. We want to make this an immersive and fun experience for all, and most importantly donate to the convention’s charity!



All attendees will be expected to attend a “prelim” prior to the main event regardless of if cuts will be made. This is so the show runners can assess performances as well as a chance for dancers to have a chance to rehearse their routine prior to the main event. If cuts need to be made, participants will be notified via email, and it will also be posted in the event telegram chat. Any cuts will be decided by prelim judges via judging sheet, however this is not a competition or judged event. Prelim judging will only be in the interest of fairness to all participants in the event that cuts need to be made.


Participation Expectations

This event will not be a competition. It is purely meant for entertainment and a way to raise money for charity. While burlesque shows are generally seen as a femme presenting event, all gender expressions will be allowed to participate. Fursuits will also not be required to participate, but will also be allowed. (This includes, partials, head only, etc.). While not required it is also encouraged to bring your best sexy, sparkly, extravagant outfits for your performance. Think glitter, thigh highs, rhinestones, and feathers. Nudity of any kind will not be permitted. Nipples, genitals, etc must be covered. Keep it sexy and sultry but keep it tasteful.


Attendance of the convention, and all necessary prelim events and events are expected to all participants of this event. If you are unable to meet these expectations please feel free to reach out. We will do our best to accommodate if possible.   


Performances will be limited to 2 minutes in length. All music/audio must be submitted for approval prior. If changes need to be made you will be contacted prior to the event. 


What is Burlesque?

American burlesque was originally derived from “Victorian Burlesque”, and intended as a variety/comedy show until the strip tease elements of the show became wildly more popular. While burlesque evolved into a theatre show that focused on female form and strip tease, it still held the comedy element of its roots with wonderfully exaggerated performances and themes. Current day “Neo Burlesque” still contains elements of the original American Burlesque shows with a focus on extravagant costumes, comedy, lowball humor, and the well known strip tease.


A quick search on YouTube of “Neo Burlesque” will have a wonderful variety of modern day burlesque performances to watch for inspiration as well. 


If you have any questions, concerns, comments or anything else, please reach out. 

Your main contact can be reached here:


Email: (prefered)

Telegram: Batti_Grey (prefered)

Twitter: Chevvy_Grey

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